Doses that

Powerful nutrients in a fast onset, liquid superdose. On-demand mental energy and stress resilience with our clinically-developed, high-absorption supplements.

Fast-acting, smart formulas 

Bio-available, plant-based nootropics, adaptogens, and mushrooms in a convenient, on-the-go bottle.



Memory. Clarity.
Cognitive health. 

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Mood. Wellbeing.

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Relaxation. Stress reduction.

Deep + REM. 

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<p>Amazing ingredients are not enough </p>

Amazing ingredients are not enough 

We know that our ethically-sourced, third-party-tested, naturally-extracted ingredients are powerful. And we also know that’s not enough. 

Science shows that our bodies need nutrients in the right form, delivered to the right location. 

Our patented nutrient delivery technology Carrier3™
Our patented Carrier3™ technology encases bio-active nutrients in a natural bubble (vesicle) to survive the stomach and reach and be absorbed by cells. 
  • Encased bio-active 
  • Vesicle

Carrier3™ vesicles 

in blood stream

Carrier3™ vesicles are small enough to be absorbed instantly into the bloodstream, requiring no further processing by the body.
The supplement that overachieves
10x enhanced bioavailability 
Our bodies typically absorb only10-15% of functional plants. OverAchieve takes absorption levels to 90%
50 – 500 nanometer vesicle
Carrier3™ vesicles are small enough to require no further digestion in the small intestine
2 fl. oz. – 59ml dose
Radical bioavailability allows small doses of nutrients to be bio-potent, reducing digestive overload
5-minute impact
Our patented technology delivers fast onset results, felt in minutes 
Made by doctors
Made by scientists and doctors across the fields of pharmacology, oncology, molecular biology, and nutrition.
Science backed
Pharma-grade tested for purity, strength, and composition. 
Pharma-grade tested
Third party tested for heavy metals, microbes, allergens, and other contaminants.
Clean formula
Intentionally-sourced global ingredients, made in the USA.
Plant Based
Gluten Free
Soy Free
Herbicide and Pesticide Free