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Outperform Ordinary

The human body is a masterpiece of engineering, the majority of supplements are not.

Most supplements are in a format your body cannot recognize or absorb and under-deliver. We set out to engineer supplements as clever as the human body, ones that would overachieve.

Harnessing the power of patented biotechnology, our nutrient delivery system mimics the body’s own absorption mechanics. Naturally-derived nanovesicles – tiny, encapsulated sacs - protect our plant-powered active ingredients through the harsh digestive tract and enable them to be absorbed fully in the gut.

It’s time to achieve the supplement ROI you deserve.

How to OverAchieve™

Direction of Use

Our nanoscience-backed shots work. If you’ve set achievement in your sights, expect it to start quickly. While times may vary by individual, drink a bottle approximately 5 minutes prior to needed help.

Step 1: Set A Goal You Want To Achieve

Step 2: Drink OverAchieve™

Step 3: Start Over Achieving

Safety Precautions


Consult your doctor if you are under the age of 18, have any medical conditions, are taking medications, or you are pregnant or nursing. Discontinue use and consult your doctor if any adverse reactions occur. Keep out of reach of children. Refrigerate after opening.

In compliance with the


Dr. Ben Rein


Dr. Daniel Gartenberg

Sleep Scientist



OverAchieve™ is a dietary supplement beverage formulated using advanced nanoscience for fast and effective absorption.

OverAchieve™ is fast acting, you will feel the effects in approximately 5 minutes.

Yes, OverAchieve™ is safe to drink. Each blend is made with natural and powerful ingredients.

FOCUS contains caffeine. It is recommended not to exceed 400 mg per day, so it is necessary to consider other sources of caffeine consumed in the diet. It also contains B2, B3, B12 and D vitamins, please consider other sources of such vitamins in the diet so as not to exceed their recommended Daily Value.

SLEEP contains melatonin. Healthcare professionals recommended not to take more than 10 mg a day.

RELAX contains different plant extracts that have shown a mild relaxation effect. Occasional consumption in moderation can be helpful, but persistent nervousness or agitation might indicate the need for a professional health expert.

No, it doesn't. It is recommended to drink the whole bottle, but once opened, please refrigerate.

It is not recommended.

Dietary Restrictions

Yes, we are working on a certification.



Yes, we are working on a certification.

At this time only FOCUS is Kosher, we are working on SLEEP and RELAX.


Olive oil has many health benefits and it is shown to support better absorption of some nutrients.

SLEEP is made of Reishi, Kava, Valerian Root, Chamomile, Rhodiola, Holy Basil, Magnesiun Threonate, Maca, Passionflower, Ashwagandha, Corydalis, and Melatonin.

FOCUS is made of Chaga, Yerba Mate, Cordyceps, Ashwagandha, Phosphatidylserine, Bacopa, Maca, CoQ10, Lion's Mane, Turmeric, Piperine, Vitamin B2, B3, B12, D3

RELAX is made of Reishi, Kava, Valerian Root, Chamomile, Rhodiola, Holy Basil, Magnesiun Threonate, Maca, Passionflower, Ashwagandha, Corydalis

The mushroom fruiting body is the stem and cap of the mushroom, while the mycelial is the underground network of the mushroom. Mycelium is the primary “plant” portion of the mushroom, while the fruit body is the temporary “flowering” part of the mushroom life cycle that releases spores for reproduction. 


People are more likely to experience allergic reactions to chamomile if they are allergic to such related plants.


Nanoparticles are very tiny particles. They are so small that you need a special microscope to see them.

Nanoparticles are very small but also have a very large surface area. Because they are so small they can do things and go places that larger particles can't. Their small size makes absorption easy and their large surface area makes absorption quick.